After creating music in other bandconstellations, GAST and EN joined forces in early 2012. They set out to explore the roots of the second wave of black metal and from there create something new. Thus FÖRDÄRV (Swedish for "perdition", "ruin") was born.

The bond resulted in a flowing stream of productivity and the band is constantly working on new material. After just a few months playing together they entered the studio to record their first release, The Echo of Emptiness, in December 2012. At this point they also agreed on playing in this project anonymously, since they feel that any connection with their personal life and background would destroy the magic they create in their music.

The music of FÖRDÄRV is a borderless, spiritual quest with special points of interest in philosophy, occultism and mythology. The music itself is based on cold, epic riffs from beyond, shamanistic blastbeats and agonized vocals from the depths...




Krowos was created by Frozen and Tsade in 2011. After the first release they are joint by Imbris and Mescün in 2012, and then by Bheltregus in 2013. Mescün left at the and of 2014.
The current line-up is composed of:
Tsade - Screaming and Clean Vocals
Baram - Choirs and Clean Vocals
Frozen - Drums and Guitars
Imbris - Bass

The word "KROWOS" comes from the ancients Irish and means "Crow". The Crow has always been associated with something negative in almost every culture, it is black like darkness, blake like death. It is the messenger of afterworld that accompanied the passenger towards the world of darkness to search of his own existence. It represent the obscurity of what lies hidden and we do not know.Its presence announces the change and prophesies death and rot, with its glommy sings its represent the Extreme passage of man who goes back to his dark homeland.

The expression "Verbum Luciferi" comes from Latins and means "Lucifer's Speech". It iss a sort of concept based on ancient Black Mass in which every single lyric was entirely composed in Latin by altering some significant catholic preyers.